We sometimes get dogs that need a very special owner. In these cases (and actually in every case!) we wait as long as necessary for the perfect person to come along.  Sometimes we dont have the right foster family so they stay at the shelter & get special one on one training every day.  Because we make the commitment to wait however long it takes for their perfect person, it’s important that they are happy and well-loved in a safe environment until they find their forever home.

Samson:  I am not sure what this "home" thing is that people talk to me about, but they tell me that I will have the bestest home one day.  A long time ago in dog years, back in 2016, I ended up at a rescue, but for some reason lots of other dogs went to that home place, but not me.  I came to stay with these lovely people in 2019 to see if anyone down this way thinks I am that special boy for them, I hope I am!

I think small furries are a great toy, apparently that is not what they are for! Some other dogs are silly and I don't like them too much, but I have made so many new friends here, I am super happy but am still wondering what this home place is.

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