Why Bull Breeds

Why?? We get asked this question a lot. On Abbeys first visit to the pound she was looking for a friend for her dog Keila and met Syd. Syd was a 8yr old staffy previously owned by a gang. WHO is going to adopt an 8yr old dog previously a gang dog?? She certainly wasn't, until she found out he was next on the euthanasia list.

Abbey spent time with him and realised what a delight he was. Syd was 8 years old and never been inside a house. Seeing him do all his 'firsts' at the age of 8 really changed Abbey.  Abbey adopted Syd 17 years ago, and to this day she has never met another dog like him. Syd changed her perception of bull breed dogs and showed her how resilient, forgiving and loyal they truly are.  

Pitbulls and other bullys are literally the underdog when it comes to finding homes. They have been blasted so badly in the media that people actually believe that they are man-eaters. When theres a homeless Labrador and a homeless pitbull, guess who will get adopted and guess who will get put down? It is not fair for these dogs to be discriminated against because of how they look.