Frequently Asked Questions


How much is your adoption fee?

Our adoption fee is $350, this covers de-sexing, vaccination, micro chipping & registration

What is your adoption process?

We complete a property inspection & for renters we require a copy of the written confirmation that a dog is authorised on the property.  Dogs that are classified by breed or deed must be adopted by a homeowner.  With our adult dogs we often arrange a home visit with the dog, we suggest adopters spend as much time visiting with the dog as possible before the trial period starts.  If there is a dog already in the home, we arrange multiple dog introduction & play dates prior to the trial period.

What if I don't live in Christchurch?

We adopt dogs all over New Zealand!  For out of town adopters we ask a local contact to complete a property inspection on our behalf, this is a local Animal Control Officer, SPCA or personal contact.   Puppies:  We do not require out of town adopters to make a trip to meet our puppies as they easily integrate into a family with the correct rules, boundaries & structure in place.  Adult Dogs:  With our adult dogs we require adopters to make the trip to Christchurch to meet the dog & for us to spend some time with them & the dog.   Where there is already a dog in the home, we also require the dog to come to Christchurch so we can complete a dog introduction.  Some of our adult dogs need on-going training or require an adopter to make multiple visits to build trust.  We understand that these requirements are not often a viable option for town adopters, so we are always able to recommend local rescues.  Any cost in transporting a puppy/dog to an adopter is over & above the adoption fee, this is at the adopters expense.

What is your pre-approval process?

We recommend that adopters get pre-approved to speed up the adoption process.  Once pre-approved you are contacted as soon as we get a dog into our care that is suited your home environment.  You are contacted before any images of the dog make it to social media -

Can you re-home my dog for me?

We constantly run at full capacity with a waiting list of dogs, usually on death row, to come into our care. Due to this we are not able to take private re-home dogs into our care unless there are special circumstances and we happen to have a space.  We have helpful information on our website about how to go about rehoming your dog -

I'm interested in fostering how do I apply?

Information about joining our Foster Programme is on our website -

What is your virtual adoption programme?

What can you do when you cannot adopt a dog, well we have a great option for you -

What is your de-sexing programme?

Getting your dog de-sexed is one of the most important things you can do for your dog and for your community! Over breeding in Christchurch (and all over NZ) has caused a huge increase in abandoned and roaming dogs which results in huge numbers of dogs being euthanised.  We run a community de-sexing programme where you purchase a voucher off us for $100, and we cover the rest of the cost. This fee does not allow for pregnant or in season spays, this would incur an additional cost.  For more information please email us at

How can I become a volunteer?

We are solely run by volunteers who are on site, Monday – Saturday between 10am – 2pm to do things like cleaning, walking etc.  To volunteer you must first complete an induction, these are completed the first weekend of every second month, for more details please email