A Foster for Life dog

Foster for Life dogs are among the few that for one reason or another cannot be adopted.  When we make the decision to take these dogs into our care, we make the commitment to keep them safe and loved for the rest of their lives.

Belle: If someone ever asks what it looks like to have been around the block a couple of times, just show them my picture. I’m an older dame than the ones who usually come through the rescue – they tell me I’m about seven, and I’ve been with the rescue since November 2019. My life until then was endless rounds of having babies, litter after litter. I’ve never been anyone’s pet, although it’s what I really wanted; I love people.

When I arrived I didn’t feel well. I was too skinny for a Dogue de Bordeaux, and had callouses and even some tumours. The tumours were mostly removed, but it was discovered that I have the Big C.

I don’t let it get me down though, I spend every moment I can snuggling and smooching anyone who will let me love them! They say I’ve got maybe a year left, so I’m spending it all with my foster mums, who lavishes me in the love I’ve always looked for. CBBR will look after me, no matter how long I have left.

Virtually Adopt Me