Personality that matches her name

Sunshine is a rambunctious 8 year old American Staffordshire Terrier Cross. Her favourite things in the world are being with her people and going out adventuring in quiet places. While she has a lot of energy to play and run, cuddling up on the couch and sun-bathing are some of her favourite activities. 

Sunshine can be extremely wary of new people, so needs a family who are serious about continuing her training with ongoing support to make her feel safe. At this stage she is comfortable meeting new people coming into the home with a quick routine, but is unable to meet people out walking. She needs to be kept on lead at all times to ensure her safety, and enjoys her adventures with a 10m long-line. With the on-going training that Sunshine would need in a new home, it is a requirement that she is rehomed in Christchurch.  She is not suitable to live with young children.

Sunshine is an extremely quick learner with a very high food drive, and thrives with one-on-one training to learn new tricks and behaviours around the home. 

At this time Sunshine is living with a high-energy male dog, and while she is doing well, she would be better suited to live with an older calm companion who can show her the ropes, or an animal-free home. She is not suitable to live in a home with cats.   With the introductions & settling that Sunshine would need in a new home, it is a requirement that she is rehomed in Christchurch.  All our dogs are destined to be family dogs that sleep indoors with the rest of the family.

Sunshine is desexed, vaccinated, chipped & registered.

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