A Foster for Life dog

Foster for Life dogs are among the few that for one reason or another cannot be adopted.  When we make the decision to take these dogs into our care, we make the commitment to keep them safe and loved for the rest of their lives.

Alley:  After the Christchurch Earthquakes, I wandered the streets, finding food wherever I could – usually garbage bins. I slept rough, in the cold, and all alone. When I was found, I was tired, emaciated, and terrified.  Going with my foster family was scary, but they were kind, and patient. Eventually I felt safe, but it took a long time. I love my family and I’m happy with them, but I’m still afraid of anyone I don’t know.

Since it took so long for me to be ok with anyone, it was obvious I’d never be officially adopted, and instead I became CBBR’s very first member of the Foster For Life programme!

My lovely foster family chose to foster as they are not in a position to cover the costs of owning a dog, so CBBR has promised to care for me for the rest of my life, right where I am.

Virtually Adopt Me