Heath Franklin

A lovely boy with a heart of gold

Heath is an energetic 4 year old American Pitbull Terrier x who is looking for someone with experience in managing challenging behaviours in large dogs.

He absolutely adores his foster family and is settling in well with clear boundaries, training, and opportunities to fulfil his exercise needs. Heaths favourite activities are swimming, playing tug, doing zoomies, and cuddling on the couch with the family. He loves to work for food in low-stress environments and is doing well with his training. Currently, Heath is working on becoming desensitized to the numerous noises and sights that a neighbourhood has to offer.

He is beginning to show a great deal of interest in other dogs in a friendly way, and is currently working on his muzzle training so he can begin more extensive socialization safely and happily. He would suit a quiet environment in order to minimize his anxiety while he works through this. He is content chilling inside the home while his family are out, and cannot be left outside unattended. He is capable of jumping 6ft fences with ease and will do so if he becomes stressed around sounds on the other side of the fence, so needs to be on lead when in the yard while he learns these boundaries.

Heath very much has the boof-factor, and therefore needs a home without children. While he is currently living with a female dog, the socialization period in order to achieve this spanned months. Unless a home was willing to put in this sort of time to socialize him with their current dog, he would be best suited as an only pet. He is not suited to live with cats or small animals.

With the on-going training that Health would need in a new home, it is a requirement that he is rehomed in Christchurch. Due to his breed, Heath also needs to be adopted by a homeowner.   All our dogs are destined to be family dogs that sleep indoors with the rest of the family. 

Heath is desexed, vaccinated, chipped & registered.

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