We sometimes get dogs that need a very special owner. In these cases (and actually in every case!) we wait as long as necessary for the perfect person to come along.  We place these dogs in long term foster care, so their fosters can work on any training or behavioural issues that need addressing.  Because we make the commitment to wait however long it takes for their perfect person, it’s important that they are happy and well-loved in a safe home environment until they find their forever home.

Sunshine:  Unlike my name, my background wasn’t so bright or cheery, and it’s left me a bit wary of people, and some other dogs too. I’ve been with CBBR since March 2017 and I’m currently in foster care with Heath, but make no mistakes, I‘m the boss of the boy. I’ve come a long way with the love and patience of my foster family, but I’m a work in progress. I still get scared sometimes, but I’m learning. Being the queen I am, I’ll need a forever home with someone who understands my needs and is willing to work with me.

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