Due to no fault of his own, Detroit is back in our care.  He is a lovely boy with the saddest eyes & longest legs, & he loves using those legs to move around in the water!

He is 1 year old & a complete sweetie, he is fantastic with kids & loves people!  

He is going through a fear phase so is finding a few things that didnt worry him previously a bit overwhelming.  He use to love other dogs, now hes not too sure, he has been around cats before but its been a few months since he last saw one, so is a bit unsure of them as well.  We are doing as many duo walks with other dogs to help build his confidence back up & learn that dogs are his mates again.  He would be cat trainable, but would be best suited to a home without cats or small furries.

He would make a amazing exercise or running buddie, those long legs cover some ground fast, but he is also just as happy to cuddle up on the couch & watch tv with you.

All our dogs are destined to be family dogs that sleep indoors with the rest of the family. 

Detroit is desexed, vaccinated, chipped & registered.

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