Mocha came into our care with her sister Chino.  They came into our care at around 10 months old, at that stage they had never worn a collar, had on a harness or lead – they had never left the property they were kept at.

We have been working with them for the last few months, building confidence & learning all about being a happy, well-rounded dogs.  Mocha can be tentative with new people & is happy to engage with them on her terms.  She is not worried about seeing dogs out & about, but doesn’t really want to engage them & if they encroach into her space when unwelcomed she will be reactive, so at this stage, she is not going to be suitable to live with another dog.

Mocha has been cat tested & could happily integrate into a home with a cat.

Mocha is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped & registered & like all our dogs are destined to be family dog that sleeps indoors with the rest of the family.

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