Lost and found dogs
At Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue we receive a lot of phone calls and messages about lost and found dogs. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend micro-chipping. If you choose to microchip your dog, it pays to ask your Vet to place the chip details on the NZ Companion Animal Register (NZCAR). Please remember to change your address details when you move with both NCAR and CCC Animal Control, this means if you do lose your dog it can be reunited with you straight away.

Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue does not accept stray/lost dogs - this is the responsibility of the local Council Animal Control.

If you have lost your dog:
Register your dog on lost and found websites:

Animal Control:
Phone Animal Control to see if they have collected your dog.
CCC Animal Control, 24 hour phone (03) 941 8999
You can also check their website:

If you have found a dog:
Contact CCC Animal Control immediately on (03) 941 8999 and they will come to collect the dog from you to reunited with the owner.
If you are not able to look after the dog while Animal Control comes to collect the dog, you can drop it off at your local or closest Veterinary Clinic for Animal Control to collect from there. If the dog is micro-chipped or wearing a collar with a registration tag, it will be reunited with its owner straight away.

Lost dogs

  • Pepper

    Pepper went missing from Burnham army housing in January 2013 and hasn't been seen since.

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