Sapphire has been at the shelter for 2 years & we would love nothing more than to find a place to call home!

She is 3 years old & so eager to please people. She is food orientated & will do anything for a treat so is very easy to train. She is reactive to other dogs, but could live with the right non-reactive, non dominant male dog. She has been making a few doggie friends lately & has a highly active play mode so needs an owner who understands play levels & how to manage them.

She has a gentle sweet nature but still has bouts of excitement so needs an experienced owner who will continue her training.  She is great to walk & loves nothing more than to do full body rolls on the grass or jump in to the river to splash around. She would make a fantastic running buddy! Sapphire is good with kids but still has the "boof factor" so needs a home with dog savvy kids over 13yrs. She has a high prey drive so will never be an off-lead dog or able to be in a home with cats or small animals.

All our dogs are destined to be family dogs that sleep indoors with the rest of the family.

Sapphire is desexed, vaccinated, chipped & registered

Do you have a home for me?

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