We are not too sure how old Paddington is, we have been told 5-6 or 7-8, so he is a older gentleman.  Don't let his rough age range put you off, this boy still has a lot of energy & life left in him! 

We think is he possibly a Mastiff/Labrador cross, he is much shorter in stature than your usual Mastiff & is a bit fluffy!  Even with his shorter stature he is a very strong boy, so needs an owner that is physically able to manage him while getting his lead walking rules reinforced. 

Paddy is not suited to live with cats but would be great family dog.  Once he has met another dog he is a dream, but as he is super excited to see other dogs & with his strength, this means his introductions do need to be managed.  

All our dogs are destined to be family dogs that sleep indoors with the rest of the family. 

Paddington is desexed, vaccinated, chipped & registered.

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