Samson has been on quite the journey in his lifetime! He was originally taken on by a rescue in Auckland in 2016. When that rescue closed down he was taken on by Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming NZ.

After more than 3 years patiently waiting, waiting, waiting for his happily ever after we thought we’d give him a chance with new audience down here in the South Island.

So meet Samson! He is a big gentle giant, approximately 6.5yrs old, good with kids and everyone he’s met. Could live with a female dog but can be scrappy with some males. Not suited to living with cats.

Samson is doing very well living in the shelter, but mostly he just wants furever home. A real deal home where he can sleep by the heater/fire, snore the place down, enjoy walks with his person and retire in the peace of knowing he has people who love him!

Samson is desexed, vaccinated, chipped & registered and like all our dogs is destined to be a family dog who sleeps inside.

Do you have a home for me?

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