Raven is 6 years old & is a complete sweetie, she has quickly become a volunteer favourite.

She loves nothing more than to cuddle up with someone & have a smooch, or is just as happy to be playing with her toys on her own.  She really loves interactive toys & will spend ages working out how to get that last treat out of her Guru ball.

Raven is great with kids but is not suited to live with cats.  She has had a lot of play dates with Gibbs & loves hanging out with him.  She will happily walk with the female dogs we have introduced her to, but does not really want to interact with them, so she would be suited to live with a laid back male dog or be a only pet.

All our dogs are destined to be family dogs that sleep in doors with the rest of the family.

Raven is registered, vaccinated, de-sexed & chipped.

Do you have a home for me?

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