Adoption Process: Our adoption fee is $350 this covers de-sexing, vaccination, micro chipping & registration.  We complete a property inspection & for renters we require a copy of the written confirmation that a dog is authorised on the property.  Dogs that are classified by breed or deed must be adopted by a homeowner.  With our adult dogs we often arrange a home visit with the dog, we suggest adopters spend as much time visiting with the dog as possible before the trial period starts.  If there is a dog already in the home, we arrange multiple dog introduction & play dates prior to the trial period.

Adopting out of Christchurch:  We adopt dogs all over New Zealand!  For out of town adopters we ask a local contact to complete a property inspection on our behalf, this is a local Animal Control Officer, SPCA or personal contact.   Puppies:  We do not require out of town adopters to make a trip to meet our puppies as they easily integrate into a family with the correct rules, boundaries & structure in place.  Adult Dogs:  With our adult dogs we require adopters to make the trip to Christchurch to meet the dog & for us to spend some time with them & the dog.   Where there is already a dog in the home, we also require the dog to come to Christchurch so we can complete a dog introduction.  Some of our adult dogs need on-going training or require an adopter to make multiple visits to build trust.  We understand that these requirements are not often a viable option for town adopters, so we are always able to recommend local rescues.  Any cost in transporting a puppy/dog to an adopter is over & above the adoption fee, this is at the adopters expense.

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