Why Raw Feed

We are HUGE supporters of raw feeding here and the dogs are really thriving on it.

Vets usually have to promote biscuits as they get funding from the big companies. A lot if vets recommend biscuits and then feed raw themselves. Dogs are carnivores and are not designed to eat & digest kibble. My dogs are all raw fed and are in much better condition than they have ever been before - including a 12yr old. Biscuits will never pass my dogs' lips again.

A raw diet raises the acidity of a dogs stomach to make it possible for them to digest bones. Kibble lowers the pH so when you mix the 2 you get more of a chance of upset tums and cause blockages. 

Find a local butcher and ask them what they can do for you - some is just rubbish to them. Do your research as to what they need (ratio of meat, bone, offal etc) and give it a go. K9 is by far easier as they do this all for you and package it up into nice clean pellets in nice clean bags. But for those who don't mind getting their hands dirty and do the research it's easy. 

Kiran raw food is definitely not bad for dogs. Dogs share nearly 99% of their DNA with wolves (that's a closer relative than the coyote!!) they are carnivores and have the teeth to prove it! Their digestive system works completely different to ours. You don't see wolves or wild dogs cooking up cereals and grains to eat do you? They are not designed to eat or digest kibble.

Why Raw Feed