Foster for Life dogs are among the few that for one reason or another cannot be adopted.  When we make the decision to take these dogs into our care, we make the commitment to keep them safe and loved for the rest of their lives.

Lexi:  My first family surrendered me to the rescue in May 2018  – it was the best thing for everyone, really. Now I’m in foster care with an active family of 5 kids! It took a minute to get used to, since I’m scared of new people.  I have some trust issues and need time to get to know someone. With my recent diagnosis of arthritis in my knee, parts of my spine have fused, discs are eroded, some are calcified, some are protruding & some touching nerves, all this means that my life is not going to be a long one.  My wonderful foster family are going to love & care for me with the years I have left.


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