Like her name suggests, this is just the sweetest girl!

At around 18mnths old she has not had the best start to life. Her, her mate Popeye and their young puppy Nala all found themselves at the local pound and were so very lucky the pound held on to them until we could make space.

SweetPea is an American Bulldog mix, has the floppiest softest ears ever and wags her tail so much that she hurt it! She cowers at some fast movements and loud noises but is very quickly learning that not all humans are scary and gets confident very fast. SweetPea would be fine to live with another relaxed male dog - her mate Popeye is avaliable for adoption too if you're really keen, but she would also be fine on her own. She is good with children and is cat trainable.

We looking for a patient, gengle loving home with a family who will continue her training – most things are new to her at the moment.

Sweet-Pea is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped & registered and like all our dogs is destined to be family dog that sleeps indoors with the rest of the family.

Adopt Me