Fester is around 1.5yrs old, he is wonderful with people & kids & thinks he is a 30+kg lap dog!  He does forget his size & with his boof factor will easily knock kids over, so dogs savvy kids are a must!

He is not suited to live with cats or small animals.  We are doing play dates with other dogs, but he does not know how to interact with them & is full on/rude when meeting & playing.  There is no aggression, just a complete lack of dog social skills which can easily lead to a fight if not managed.  We are doing play dates with the rescue dogs & he is picking it up, but extremely slowly as we are limited to the time we can put into this.  He would be best suited to be an only dog & a new owner to put consistent time into his dog socialisation.

Fester is de-sexed, vaccinated, chipped & registered and like all our dogs is destined to be family dog that sleeps indoors with the rest of the family.

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