Kobe is an absolutely stunning boy & around 9 months old.

He came into our care a while ago, but was quite unwell when he arrived.  He needed fortnightly bloods & vet check-ups to make sure he was on the mend.  The vet believes that at some point prior to coming into our care, he had a massive worm infestation & his body could not cope with all the toxins.  He is now an active, healthy boy - but he does have a quirk that will require a very confident or experienced owner.

He is extremely fearful of meeting new people, we are actively working with his foster family with training to help him overcome this.  However, he will need on-going training to help him overcome his fear & build trust with people.  Due to this he will require an owner with either prior training or fearful dog experience.  He gains a lot of confidence having another dog around, so having another dog in the home is a must for Kobe.  He will not be suited to a very active home environment - the quiet life is best for this boy, but he would make a fantastic exercise buddy!

All our dogs are destined to be family dogs that sleep indoors as part of the family.

Kobe will be desexed, vaccinated, chipped & registered.

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