Special home needed

Kobe is a 1 year old Staffy Cross.  He came into care February 2022 but due to health issues on arrival & fearfulness, we have held off on putting him up for adoption until he was ready.

His health issues are now completely sorted with no known long-term impacts. His fearfulness is still present, & he has been diagnosed with Global Anxiety. Kobe’s coping mechanism when he is afraid or unsure is to avoid conflict & tuck himself next to or behind his foster family. We have put him on medication to help with his fear especially during adolescence & it is helping with reducing his anxiety enough for him to learn about the good in the world without becoming overwhelmed quickly. He has been on his medication for 12 weeks and showing improvement with the guidance of his vet. This medication is something that would need to be continued with the specialist until he is ready to reduce his dose. In the long run, the hope is that he can be weaned off the medication when he’s able to under careful supervision, however in some cases like Kobe’s it’s best for them to remain on medication long term.

He is in a quiet foster home with 4 adults & has dog play dates very regularly.  He is far more confident when there is another dog around, so a dog in his new home that is people & dog confident is a must. 

He needs a quiet home with very few people coming & going. He needs a home with no children due to erratic movements & noises that they make, which adds to his anxiety.  He has not been cat tested, so either no cats in the home or an extremely confident dog savvy cat at the most.  He loves hiking, walks & adventures in nature, & absolutely adores trips in the car.  He has been walked around stock & been non-reactive.

With the on-going training & support that Kobe would need in a new home, it is a requirement that he is rehomed in Christchurch. Our trainer will provide support to his forever family to ensure he continues to grow in confidence with relationship building & positive reinforcement training, however he will still need an experienced home & a handler who can manage his size & strength if he becomes overwhelmed or overexcited. 

All in all, Kobe is looking for a best bud or two he can trust to keep him safe while he’s learning about the big wide world & all it entails. For this, he needs a family who won’t expect him to ‘come right’ just because he’s been adopted by people who love him. He truly is a work in progress & needs someone who is happy to take things slow. This will mean a longer adoption process than usual to ensure he trusts his new person/people, & to make sure they’re dedicated to him for who he is (and not just how handsome he is). 

All our dogs are destined to be family dogs that sleep indoors with the rest of the family. 

Kobe is, vaccinated, chipped & registered.  We are holding off on his desexing as the increased testosterone levels help with the fear stages during adolescence, but this will be done at the best time for Kobe.

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