Boris is a gorgeous 7.5yr old Staffy Cross, who is back in our care care due to the rise of significant resource-guarding conflict with another dog in the home over a period of years.

While he is not suited to live with any other animals at this stage, he is fantastic with people.  He was previously fantastic with other dogs, but due to various issues that occurred before coming back into our care, he is now reactive when seeing other dogs.  He is doing well interacting with some of the shelter dogs, but this has been a slow process to ensure we are not pushing him past his comfort zone.

He is looking for an owner that understands his reactivity & will keep him safe, while working on positive interactions with other dogs.  He is the biggest snuggler & is happy to cuddle on the couch or go on a big adventure.

Boris is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped & registered & like all our dogs is destined to be family dog that sleeps indoors with the rest of the family.

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